Gila is a bilingual English/French facilitator and project manager with experience in national and international consensus building, conflict resolution, and stakeholder management. Subject matter expertise includes health informatics standards and privacy, security and risk management. CISSP certification since 2004. Gila has been conducting business and technical analysis and developing whitepapers, specifications, educational materials as well as writing articles and other communication materials since 1999. In addition to her work in healthcare IT, Gila provides leadership communications and facilitation seminars to businesses and facilitates team building workshops. She also has core expertise in conflict resolution and consensus building, and has been leveraging those skills in all her work. Most notably, Gila’s consensus building skills have been commended in her work at both HITSP (USA), IHE International and HL7 Inc. Gila Pyke LinkedinIn all her work, Gila has demonstrated the ability to facilitate challenging discussions, conflict resolution, standards development, maintenance and balloting, training sessions, and governance activities. Gila excels in expressing complex concepts in easy to understand terms specific to different audiences.


Cognitive Dissonance is defined as the discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting ideas. In the rapidly-evolving world of Health Informatics, cognitive dissonance between bright and energetic specialists abounds.

We have often wondered why there is no positive brother term to Cognitive Dissonance, and have determined that such a concept is necessary in order to progress in improving healthcare as a coherent team. As a result we have coined the phrase: Cognitive Assonance, when several ideas can come together in a harmonious, melodious way. Cognitive assonance is required to move from the zero-sum game of compromise to the positive-sum triumph of consensus-building where every stakeholder comes away with a solution to fit their implementation needs.

Cognaissance specializes in working with teams of industry leaders to bring them together to build consensus, and create new solutions that harmonize ideas and technologies and create cognitive assonance, where previously there has been so much conflict and dissonance.


Cognaissance includes both subject matter expertise in internationally deployed Health Informatics standards, as well as international privacy and security regulations and requirements.

As part of their work across Canada, the United States, France and other European and Asian health IT projects Cognaissance staff have valuable expertise in how different countries solve both HIT Standards integration as well as Privacy and Security challenges.