Experiential learning is the art of immersing the learning in a hands-on learning environment that leverages workshops, customized use cases, and other techniques such as role-playing, and group discussion to ensure that material is not just seen or observed, which is easily forgotten – but experienced.
Cognaissance’ customized learning offerings focus on providing a well-rounded package for the learner including pre-requisite reading, full-immersion seminars, homework, and tiered follow-up surveys and other methods for ensure that learners are able to integrate core concepts into their daily work upon returning from the session.


Cognaissance has provided customized learning offerings on the following topics to clients across Canada and the United States:

  • Introduction to privacy for small, medium or large business owners and your obligations under national and regional laws
  • Introduction to healthcare privacy for healthcare providers
  • Chief Privacy Officer: You’ve been assigned a new role, now what? (Including tools and templates)
  • Healthcare Privacy implications for community care organizations, including Mental Health, Addictions, and Long-Term Care (including tools and templates)
  • Intro to Privacy by Design


  • IT Security 101
  • Health IT Security 101
  • Intro to Privacy and Security by Design

Risk Management / Disaster Recovery

  • Privacy Risk Management: Performing Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and managing privacy risk,
  • Security Risk Management: Performing Threat Risk Assessments (TRAs) and managing security risk
  • Project Risk Management: How to communicate and manage risk effectively to deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Enterprise Risk Management: How to manage risks across an organization
  • Disaster Recovery planning / Emergency Preparedness
  • Business Continuity planning

Health IT Standards

  • Health IT Standards 101: Alphabet soup and when do I need them?
  • Procurement of Health IT Standards compliant products
  • Achieving Interoperability: Implementing Health IT Standards
  • Introduction to IHE profiles and Document Sharing

Health IT specializations of numerous programs

  • Managing IT projects in the Healthcare domain
  • Health IT consensus building: Challenges and motivators in Health IT

General team building and skill development

  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Facilitation Training
  • Team-building Workshops