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I had the opportunity to see the impacts of Gila’s work in my role as HL7 Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) Workgroup Co-Chair, where Gila was brought in to help facilitate a particularly challenging security-related project. Her impact was nearly immediate. In addition to keeping the overall group on-target in terms of their objectives and deliverables.

Gila had a way of making those around her more productive. She brings the best of facilitation, project management, and interpersonal techniques. The net result of her involvement was unquestionable. That project enjoyed a productivity I have not seen since, its members had higher satisfaction, and as a leader I had full visibility into the activities and confidence in their execution. I have no hesitation in recommending Gila and the work that Cognaissance does.

Cognaissance has over a decade of experience providing consulting services across the spectrum of health IT privacy and security, including:

  • Privacy and Security strategy and governance
  • Privacy and Security program implementation
  • Privacy and Security awareness and training
  • Privacy and Security architecture for Health IT
  • Privacy and Security functional and technical requirements development
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) and mitigation planning, support and measurement
  • Breach response and management